Love Yourself

Will I ever be pretty enough? Will I ever be smart enough? Will my waist ever be small enough? Why can’t I be just like Mary Jane?

There are times when I look in the mirror and these questions slip through my brain. And seeing my imperfections every day leads me to answer these questions by saying…

No! No! No! There will always be someone prettier, someone smarter, someone skinner. The world does not need another Mary Jane. You are you and that is your magic!

I reaffirm to myself who I am. I remind myself that fashion changes like the direction of the wind ‘One Day You’re In and the Next Day You’re Out.’ (Right now my eyebrows are in fashion, give it a year, the compliments will stop and ya’ll be waxing your eyebrows to
none existence again.)

I tell myself…

‘Olivia, there’s more to you than a pretty face.

There’s more to you than good grades or a sharp brain.

You’re a woman who loves God.

A woman who does not solely measure herself against this world’s standard of good, but Christ’s standard of good.

A woman who is trying to be an example and is aiming high.’


I believe that society is placing this unattainable standard on women in our generation and it can be depressing trying to achieve the unachievable. We are far too hard on ourselves, we need to be more patient with ourselves, we are all a work in progress (no matter how perfect your life may look on Instagram). So relax, stop comparing yourself to Mary Jane over there, and fall in love with the uniqueness that God favoured you with. 

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