When skin loses that glow

Sometimes in the winter months, when life gets a bit more stressful my skin loses it’s natural glow. Now I’m the sort of girl who wears foundation maybe 3/4 times a year, so I really strive to look after my skin. This post is especially for the girls who don’t wear make-up or who want to ditch the everyday foundation hype or simply for the girls who want to use foundation out of choice not out of bondage.

So what do I do to get that glow back?

1) Soap and water: Now this is fundamental to any skin regimen and I believe it’s the basic we should all be doing, male or female. Wash you face morning and night with your favourite shower gel/ facial cleanser.

2) Shea butter: I’ve finally come to the decision that I will try to keep my skin regimen as simple and natural as possible. I have tried numerous different facial creams and products (ask my sister she’ll tell you), but I always come back to shea butter. Shea butter has many pros:

  • It’s completely natural- so if you have sensitive skin or skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis, you can be confident that shea butter is unlikely to hurt your already suffering skin .
  • Moisturising- Once I use shea butter in the morning, no matter how cold or long the day is, my skin is still moisturised by time I make it back into my house.
  • Greasy?- I believe that this may come down to opinion, but for my skin shea butter is not too greasy. However my skin type is more towards the dry side than the oily side. So for dry skin I believe that shea butter is perfect.
  • Hair- It’s a product I can use on my hair. So when I’m low on hair products and don’t have hair product money, I simply go to shea butter. All you really need for your hair is water, an oil and shea butter. (Remember the LOC method I described in my previous post? If not click on the link Winning combination to growing a long and thick afro).
  •  Anti-inflammatory- Which is probably why it’s so good for skin conditions, if you’re a scientist or like reading scientific articles in your spare time it’s your lucky day-Does shea butter reduce inflammation?
  • Antioxidant- Want to prevent skin damage? Want to reduce your skin ageing prematurely? Use shea butter! Again another article if you’re in the mood Shea butter and honey as an antioxidant.
  • Cost- It’s cheap, you can get a 425g tub of shea butter for around £6. It’s a win-win situation really!

3) Make-up: Make-up isn’t good for skin. Sometimes I have a week when I just feel like wearing it more than I usually do and I really do notice the deterioration of my skin. I’m not saying stop wearing it, it’s completely your choice! But ensure you do not go to sleep with your make up still on. I wipe my make up with an oil or Garnier micellar cleansing water using a cotton wool pad. And then of course proceed to basics- I wash my face!

4) Face mask: So when I’m following my usual regimen, but life stresses and winter mean that the basics aren’t sufficient, I purchase one of my favourite Lush masks. The Brazened Honey facial mask. This facial mask just gives my skin it’s glow back when it’s going through a hard time. It’s made with fruits, almonds, herbs, spices and honey. Honey is also an antioxidant. If you want to read more about this facial mask, go to the Lush website, they explain it best (Brazened Honey Mask).

DSC02628 copy 2.jpg

Because we all deserve to be walking around with naturally bright and glowing beautiful skin X

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