Product Review: Creme of Nature shampoo and conditioner


I promised you product reviews, so you’re getting product reviews! I’m simply going to rate each product and then let you know what I liked/ disliked. If you’re still struggling to find those hair products that work wonders, this is for you…

Intensive Conditioning Treatment (1/5)

Considering that this product, I believe, is supposed to be a deep conditioner, for me it does not fulfil its function. It is a product I am unlikely to repurchase. Why? I like my deep conditioners to be heavy and to leave my hair unbelievably soft after wash day. It was be unfair to say it did not leave my hair feeling conditioned at all. However, compared to other conditioners I have used, it did very little for the needs of my kinks. To be fair to Creme of Nature, the price point wasn’t bad (£4-5), therefore I believe that the price reflects the product. Since testing this product as a deep conditioner, I have used it as a conditioner (used prior to deep conditioning). I am unlikely to repurchase this product.

Moisture & Shine Shampoo (5/5) 

In contrast, I love this shampoo. I would say it’s the best sulfate-shampoo I have tried. It’s the perfect balance. It doesn’t strip my hair of it’s moisture, it has a thick consistency and has high foaming ability (which is a contrast to other sulfate- free shampoos I have tried). Again the price point is good (£4-5). This is a favourite product of mine and as a result it’s a product I have repurchased.

Where can you find them? Both products can be found on amazon:

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