Double Denim.


Denim is my latest current obsession. Denim skirts, denim jeans, denim jackets! (I’m here for all that denim). There’s something about denim that makes an outfit seem 100% effortless and denim pretty much goes with anything.


Denim is a fabric that is timeless, it’ll always be in fashion. So if you’re thinking about buying a few new staples for your wardrobe, I’d suggest denim items being among your purchases.


Last week I was struggling choosing what to wear and my friend was waiting on me to get my act together. So I reached for those H&M mom jeans, grabbed my embroided, white lace top and paired it with that Topshop denim jacket.  I accessorised with brogues, a pink bag (being girly is never an issue) and my brown belt. As far as I’m concerned one cannot go wrong with double denim!


Have a good week guys X

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