‘Beach body or nah?’

Disclaimer: Anyone in their current state can have a ‘beach body’, just put on your favourite swimsuit, get to the beach and you’re all ready.

Summer is nearly here, but I’m a firm believer that if you set your mind to achieve something it can be achieved (even if your ideal body will realistically be achieved next summer, you can still begin today).

I was at an event a few months ago, when a long time no see friend came over and asked me how I managed to achieve my recently founded body definition. I remember agreeing to message her and give her a few tips. Since then a few more friends have been questioning me regarding my gym regime and where I manage to find my motivation. So this post is especially dedicated to my ‘long time no see friend’ and anyone else who wants to start working towards their body goals.

1. Motivation: In a previous post I already explained that your dream body begins in your mind (go check it out). But I cannot stress enough that you should ensure that you have the right reasons behind wanting a better body. You should only be doing this for yourself (not to please someone else), your health and your mental wellbeing.

I remember reading a while back ‘Summer bodies are built in winter.’ From then on I made it my mantra. I decided if I was going to go on this journey I was going to do it properly, otherwise what would be the point? I didn’t want my weight to be constantly fluctuating, going through seasons of taking care of my body and then seasons of ‘I really can’t be bothered’. I am not saying I don’t have odd weeks when this happens, because of lack of time or how I may be feeling. But in those moments I speak to myself and ensure it does nto become a habbit. Don’t wait for the New Year to me like ‘New Year, new me’. How about saying ‘new week, new me… back to that lifestyle change I committed too.’


2. Food: I tend not to dwell so much on my food. Why? Because I love food, hate counting calories (that just makes me sad) and also hate protein shakes (I don’t know how ya’ll are doing it, I’d rather eat lentils every day). However if you want faster results that me, this may be something you need to dwell. Essentially think more protein, smaller, more frequent meals and you may want to get an idea of how many calories you’re actually consuming and compare it to how many you should actually be consuming.

3. Cardio: I started off being a cardio bunny, but started losing those curves God blessed me with and realised that this cannot be life, there must be another way. That way was weights. But I still incorporate cardio, but only 10-20 minutes per session compared to the 40-50mins I was doing at the very beginning of my fitness journey. I enjoy rowing, cross training and sprinting intervals. Find what works with you and stick with it!

4. Weights, weights and more weights!!! My love over the past two years has been weights. Ladies, I think we’re often scared to use ‘heavy’ weights, because we’re scared we’re going to end up looking like that stereotypical bulky female bodybuilder. I promise you that you won’t! It will help you to gain muscle mass in all the right places (the places you choose you want to work on, simply isolate those muscle groups).

At first I was scared and would only use weights that were 30kg or less. But after going to the gym with one of my male friends (massive shout out you know who you are), who could supported me, I ended up growing the confidence to lift heavier.

Last year I set myself the challenge to squat with weights over my body weight and achieved it. My point? Don’t be scared, if I can do it so can you. Start with a weight you’re comfortable with and slowly challenge yourself with heavier weights when you’re in a determined mood.

Weights are my lifesaver when I only have time for a short workout. I can make double the progress in half the time, than if I was doing anything else. Your body burns more calories for a lot longer after doing weights as opposed to cardio. So if you want that dream body fast? Hit the weights (it’s not a men’s only section)!

5. HIIT routines: High Intensity Interval Training combines both cardio and weights and is how I like to end my gym sessions and it’s great for when the gym is packed because all you need is one or two weights and you can get going and train any muscle group you want. HIIT routines often combine 4 exercises and you do 10 to 20 reps of each exercise. E.g. if you want to train abs: 20 mountain climbers, 30 second plank, 20 press ups and 20 leg raises to finish (repeat the routine 4 times). You can make up your own or look for inspiration on Youtube or Instagram.


As always, I hope it helps! X

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