I’m sick of hearing ‘I don’t have time..’

Repeat after me, when you say, ‘I don’t have time today’, what you’re really saying is that an activity or that particular person is not a priority to you right now. You’re saying that other things are more important. So when you say I don’t have time to attend that event, or cook that balanced meal, or get into the gym or speak to that friend on the phone, what you’re really saying is … I’m choosing to make other activities of higher priority.

A lack of time is not an excuse. There are 24 hours in a day. For one moment I shall work on the premise that we sleep for 8 hours per night (though I’m sure most of us are rarely honoured with that luxury). That leaves 16 hours in the day to do everything else.

Listen to me … if you want to make something a priority you will and if someone wants to make you a priority they will. Can we please stop blaming time and take some level of responsibility for how we balance our time? Okay I understand that some people have very demanding jobs and responsibilities, but I’m sure a lot of us fall into the box of Britons who spend 2-4 hours watching TV a day, so most of us have no excuse.

So let’s reevaluate our thinking and the way we spend our time. And the next time we want to utter the words ‘I don’t have time’, let’s at least be honest with ourselves and say ‘I am choosing not to prioritise that activity right now.’ Because if we want to make time for something, if something is important enough to us, we will.



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