Feeling Blue?

Today I felt seriously dejected, my mood lasted probably 15 minutes before I decided that these feelings weren’t even worth half an hour of my life. When feeling low, Ive come to the conclusion that the most important thing one can do is get out of that headspace as soon as possible. Now I am not saying, ignore your emotions. Ignoring your emotions can also have a negative result on your mental health.

Depression is becoming increasingly common in the Western world. According to the Royal College of Psychiatrists, 1 in 5 people within the UK will suffer from depression at least once in their lifetime.

So how do I get back up when I feel sad, lonely, stressed, anxious or upset?

1) Prayer: I would love to say that this is always where I begin, however in reality its not always the case. Its ironic that God is sometimes the last person I talk to about how I am feeling, when hes proved over and over again that hes the person who will solve my problems, reassure me of myself and will turn things around for me. Theres a quote that says talking to God should be just like opening your heart to a friend. Now sharing problems with a friend can feel great, but sharing with God is far greater. God is actually a friend who can give us the best advice and can sort out the problems our friends do not have the capacity to deal with.

Prayer is the opening of the heart to God as to a friend. {Prayer 8.4}

2) Talking to members of my inner circle: What would I do without these people? Probably be an emotionally unstable mess somewhere. My advice is separate the acquaintances from the friends. No, not all 632 friends on Facebook are actually your friends. Do not spread yourself thin with many friends instead build deep foundations with a handful of friends, people of integrity whom you can trust, people who you would want in your corner in the lowest times of your life.

3) Walking has recently been introduced into my coping strategies and it really does help. It clears my thoughts and makes me focus. After a walk in my local park I feel like I can take on life again. Sometimes all you need is a change of environment.

4) Exercise: Definitely one of favourites, its also a good starting point for treatment of mild to moderate depression. For exercise I love the gym, my gym sessions are often more productive when Im feeling some sort of negative emotion. There are many forms of exercise. What works for me might not necessarily work for you. Find a form of exercise you enjoy and stick to it. Going to classes or joining a sports team can also be a means of meeting new people and going some way to forming that support network, if you have identified you lack this. As well as the mental health benefits, exercise also does amazing things for your body e.g. lowers risk of cardiovascular diseases, lowers hypertension, helps hair growth and also can give your self-esteem that boost you may be needing.

5) Music is powerful. Listening to the right sort of music can turn my mood around within minutes. Sometimes all you need to turn your mood around is a sing and dance around your bedroom. If you dont do it, try it! You can thank me in advancešŸ˜€.

6) Writing a list of things that I am grateful for. Sometimes we get so caught up in our first world problems that we forget how fortunate we are. Writing a list of things I am grateful for helps me focus on the good and allows me to realise how far the good exceeds the bad. We tend to get fixated and magnify our problems. I challenge you to sleep on your problems and in the morning list ten things you are grateful for.You are likely to realise that despite your problems you are massively blessed.

Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you. {1 Peter 5:7}

Remember, there is only so much one person can handle alone. Whatever you are going through seek help. No problem is worth losing yourself over.

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