There’s more to life than being pretty.

So I’m just scrolling through Instagram and I’m just seeing so many beautiful faces. Today my sister and I were speaking on the phone saying that with every passing generation social media is becoming more of an epidemic. An epidemic which is probably going to ruin us.

I believe that we are limiting ourselves. Limiting ourselves in that we are spending more time learning how to get that perfect 2 hour brow, contour and highlight routine, instead of expanding our minds by writing and reading books… history books, educational books that can take us places. Instead? We are trying to become famous on social media. It seems that ever since Instagrammers, bloggers and Youtubes started creating careers out of social media, there is this new ideal that this is the favoured way to get ahead. And I don’t even blame us for thinking this way. We are simply aspiring based on the media we feed ourselves with. Because after all our role models are no longer the Rosa Parks and Maya Angelou’s of this world, more like the Kardashians and the Jenners (does anyone even remember how these families became famous?).

Please do not think I am talking down on the Youtube lifestyle. I am not, I think it takes great determination and consistency, which certainly requires a hardworking character. But I am saying, this social media lifestyle is not the only way to progress, to make money, to develop your sense of self-worth. Sitting down, learning and studying is an equally amazing way to progress your life and somewhat easier (that social media famous life, in my opinion, somewhat sometimes comes down to luck and nepotism).

My point? Remember social media is not the beginning and end of life. Likes and followers don’t always equate achievement. And every social media type has its season, before we were all about Myspace and MSN and now it’s Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. Social media changes like people’s emotions.

So I encourage you to develop yourself. Your character, skills and qualifications are more important. Just think, 30 years from now, do you think it will be admirable for your grandchildren to hear the story of the day you got 500 likes on your Instagram photo or the day you climbed Mount Kilimananjaro, wrote an autobiography, found the cure for cancer or hung your art in the Le Louvre? Please let’s stop limiting ourselves! And just remember that the beauty of your heart is more important than your external appearance.


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