My top 5 reasons to visit Morocco.

Last week I was blessed enough to have the opportunity to visit Agadir, Morocco. Morocco is a beautiful country, with friendly people, complimented by a laid back, seemingly safe atmosphere.

Culture and people 

In 1990 an earthquake occurred in Agadir, destroying most of the original architecture of Agadir. If you do want to see what Agadir would originally have looked like visit the Medina.

The atmosphere in Agadir is extremely friendly and that is due to the residents. They would often call out to my friend and I when we passed, saying ‘Fam-ili-ah’ or ‘Jamaica’ (apparently our features are strongly Jamaican and there is no way one can doubt our heritage lol). At first, we were quite taken aback, but learnt to just laugh about it and simply learn to live with the attention.

The residents of Agadir are particularly proud of their king, every time we passed the king’s palace the taxi drivers would always point it out and tell us the king lives there. N.B. Don’t pay more than 20 dirham for an A to B taxi ride. When taxi rides tries to cheat us out of our dirham we simply walked away and allowed them to follow us, saying they would charge us the actual price. They saw two foreign females and thought we could be conned. They thought wrong.


Sunshine and beaches

The weather was beautiful. Hot, but not so humid one struggled to breathe. The beaches were beautiful (however, I have to say Jamaica still has the most beautiful beaches, maybe I’m biased?). The sand was warm and perfect to exfoliate ones feet. The water wasn’t freezing and had plenty of waves which you had the opportunity to ride (there were also opportunities to surf).

The only problem with the beach? You most certainly have to develop patience, as every 15 minutes a lcoal would run up to us trying to sell us henna, or Moroccan doughnuts (which were already in abundance in the hotel), a camel ride or something else we didn’t need.

On the second day we met one of these lcoals who tried to sell us a range of activities. He would not take no for an answer, so we agreed to take his card and told him ‘maybe’. On our final day we unfortunately bumped into him again. On this occasion he was trying to encourage us into riding his camel, to which we responded we had already rode camels. We then walked away (we learnt to talk away from these people 2 days in), he got slightly annoyed and shouted after us ‘You lied.’ To which we burst into laughter regarding (sometimes in life, there’s nothing left to do but laugh).


Souk El Had

This is essentially a big market that stretches more than the eye can see. It’s divided up into sections e.g. meat area, fruit and veg, spices, textiles etc. It famously used to open every Sunday ‘Souk Sunday’, but now opens every day apart from Monday. The advice we were given is the advice I will give. Whatever price they give, divide it by three and start haggling from there. We definitely met some of the most interesting characters at the souk.


Argon oil 

Two things the residents of Agadir are extremely proud of is their king and secondly their pure Moroccan argon oil, which they would often clarify that ‘argon oil in UK not good, must buy argon oil from argon oil factory’, as the argon oil in the Souk is mixed!


So off we went to the argon oil factory. We listened to how the oil was made, took pictures pretending to help make the argon oil (Westerner’s aye?) and successfully purchased our argon oil. You can also purchase this argon oil online at I’ve been using it on my face for three days and I’m already in love.



One of my favourite trips was our nearly two hour camel ride. I don’t know whether this is something you’ve ever done, but it’s not for the weary. We were given the camel ‘Blondie’ or so we named her, she had a dose too much sass, and a big personality. Out of the 10 camels travelling, of course Blondie had to be the one to push us into bushes and I’m not talking about English soft trees, I’m talking about Moroccan ‘desert’ spiked bushes lol. We accepted it though, because we are not women easily defeated by a challenge or maybe just because we had no other option? lol

Blondie and friends.

Another thing Morocco offers are leather bags made out of camel skin. When walking into the souvenir shops selling bags, one could simply not miss the poignant smell of leather. However, these authentic bags also came with their authentic price tag. I fell in love with one particular bag but decided to give it a miss, due the price and the weight it would added to our luggage on the way home.

When you’re struggling to let go 😦

Finally, the best advice I can give is…  travel with your best friend, they will make the journey a whole heap more fabulous. My favourite moments were finding a quiet area (Sabbath at Bird Valley comes to mind) of Morocco and just enjoying with silence in the beautiful company of Jordanne. Our experience is ours… but I hope you find time to visit the beautiful Agadir and create your own memories. X

She’s my sister in a different way.
Olivia: 'Jord? What are you?'

Jord: 'I'm good.'

Olivia: 'I can't hear you!' 

Jord: (screams) 'I'm good.'

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