It is better to be born ugly.

What do most parents wish for their children? A good education, a happy existence, for good health and to please, please, please God …. ‘let them not be ugly’. Why is the appearance of the child in their parent’s top priorities? I imagine this is because parents understand the world we live in and understand how superficial society can be.

It always strikes me that when I walk around town having made an effort how people are most willing to rush to the door to give me decent service, as opposed to when I’ve just left the gym and all I need is a shower to knock some life back into my face lol.

But to an extent, it is better for your child to be born uglier than glowingly beautiful from day one. ‘Seriously Olivia?’ Yes! Because we all go through that glow up stage eventually and what you can’t teach a post puberty teenager/ early adulter is character!

Children who are born cute and glowing know it! What you affirm, your child will believe. So if your child is beautiful, and you and the 10 million visitors who come visit your child are constantly reinforcing in that child’s psyche is ‘you are beautiful’; that is therefore what they will believe and in the worse case scenario can be what they allow to define them.

On the other hand, when you are born ugly or average looking, you learn to rely on other things. You learn to rely on your brains, or on your ability to do a particular task well, you learn that you’re not going to be one of the pretty Mean Girls or coast through life because of your beauty and that you’re going to have to work for what you get. (I am overly generalising right now). So you’re building all these skills, while these flawless from day one individuals are not forced into doing, to the same extent.

So if you’re in your teens right now, and the girls/ guys aren’t interested in you yet, be thankful. It’s probably God saving you from a lot of situations you shouldn’t have to go through at this age. Instead focus, focus on those studies, focus on building your character, focus on becoming the person you desire to be, focus on becoming your best you! Your glow up is coming…  beauty, brains and character are pending… God’s timing is perfect.

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