Forget thinking like a man, think like a woman!

It’s 2017 and this world has become a very different place to the one I grew up in (which surely must mean that every generation above me must be getting seriously lost). In this 2017 world, gender roles are becoming increasingly blended. It is implied that for a woman to make it anywhere, she must leave her lady things behind, and try put herself in the man’s shoes as much as she possibly can. Simply put, she must do her best to think like a man. After all, ‘it’s a man’s world.’

I remember laughing aloud at a book a few months back, where the writer states that on the first day of her new teaching job, she was worried that if she looked too feminine she would not be taken seriously, she wanted to wear a pink skirt and her lipgloss, but decided against it and instead wore a manly, ugly suit. She later goes on to say that she regretted it and wish she’d worn her pink skirt instead. Why? Because if she had gone with her first choice outfit, she would have done her job better, as she would have felt a great deal more relaxed.

A few weeks ago, my friend and I were sharing burgers and fries in TGI’s while waiting for her train. A group came into the restaurant. They were clearly coming to conduct their business meeting over food and a drink or two with the intention of putting it on that company credit card.

What’s the point of this story? Well, what struck me was the proportions in this group. Five males and one woman. At this, my initial thought was ‘what a strong woman, she must have worked hard’ (not saying the men didn’t, but I’m sure most people can agree that the proportions are not reflective of the general population, yes, which could also be due to a number of other non-gender related reasons!). My friend and I ended up discussing how hard it may be for this woman to speak her opinions and to actually be seriously heard. If you’re thinking I’m talking nonsense, please go watch this video.

What am I trying to say? We sometimes get so caught up as women trying to be taken seriously, thinking about how we come across, worried about other people’s opinions, that we forget to embrace our femininity. We forget that it’s okay to be soft and forget that it’s not necessarily negative to be gentle and caring (don’t worry I do not walk around thinking that all women are soft, gentle and caring). We forget that being strongly in tune with your emotions is linked with emotional intelligence (which is some ways more important than IQ).

As women, God made us differently to men (our anatomy is different, period!). I’m not saying one cannot and should not take on those characteristics generally associated with men (logical and less emotional). But I am saying the emotions and characteristics that are innate to us we do not need to fight. God made us differently for a purpose.

So, if you want to wear that pink skirt you should unapologetically. (Just think of Elle Woods in Legally Blonde, that girl went places!) It’s okay to be that one woman in the group of six. Woman you can hold your own! Simply use those feminine, innate characteristics to your advantage instead of seeing them as weaknesses. Woman? You have no need to think like a man when God made you to think like woman!

‘I am girly. I am happily girly. I like high heels and trying on lipsticks.’ 


  • Top: H&M
  • Trousers: Topshop
  • Bag: Zara
  • Belt: Mango
  • Shoes: Peacocks
  • Sunglasses: Accessorize

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