Are you still with your boyfriend/ girlfriend out of fear?

Some people are lucky enough to find Mr/ Mrs Right early on. Others search, compromise and end up with Mr/ Mrs Wrong. They end up wasting their time or living a life of misery. I was just twisting my hair for tomorrow and the question came to me… Do you ever feel or have you ever felt like you are staying with your boyfriend or girlfriend out of sheer fear that no one else will want you?

Now I’m not talking about those relationships that go through the occasional glitch. But I’m talking about those relationships were you’re both or one of you are miserable and seem to be encountering problems literally every ten seconds. Just sit for a moment, forget about love and actually think, were you happier when you were single or now (in this relationship)?

I’ve got this new principle which I try to live by. Nothing forced. No friendship, no relationship, no anything should have to be forced. If the shoe doesn’t fit, give the shoe back to Cinderella. Stop trying to force the shoe, it’s hella uncomfortable. Nothing forced! God made many great and lovely people. You should have respect for all these great and lovely people. But it does not mean that you have to be friends or the boyfriend/ girlfriend of all of these lovely people. Not everyone is compatible!

I was recently speaking to a good friend of mine and they said something which I loved. We really need to learn the ‘the art of letting go.’ There are some people who are simply in your life for a season. Many relationships (friendships and romantic) will not last. Sometimes something is not supposed to be. Eventually you have to stop fighting and fall in love with the art of letting go.

It’s a beautiful thing to let go and rediscover who you are as an individual. Every person who walks in and out of your life will teach you lessons, some bitter, some sweet. There are not many things that last forever and relationships are sometimes one of those things. Just remember you are stuck with you, so get to know you and learn to love you.

The only entity that will always be there for you, always, no matter what, is God. God wants what is best for you. Which means that sometimes God has to remove small teddies to replace them with big teddies. Is that dead (romantic) relationship or friendship you’re holding onto a small teddy? If so let go and prepare for something greater…

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