Guarding your heart from yourself.

It’s Friday sunset and I’ve just come home from a day of wound dressings and doppler studies. I’m exhausted so I find myself sitting and thinking… and it hits me, what guarding proverbs is talking about, what guarding your heart really means.

So the text says for everything you do flows from it.

‘Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.’

So of course it means the obvious… Guarding you heart means knowing your worth, and not allowing those who would harm it intentionally get to it. It means preventing those with good intentions but no focus, no action and no direction getting to it.

I’ve always thought about guarding my heart in the context of romantic relationships, not allowing that wasteman to get in and break my heart. But today I realise it means much more than this. It’s not allowing friends with parasitic tendencies to get near. It’s not allowing people who would waste your time near. It’s about ensuring those friends who talk to you about their ‘friends’ to you, who thrive on gossip and spreading nonsense are kept at arm’s length.

And it’s even more than this… It’s protecting your heart from yourself.

Protecting it from that negative self-talk that you sometimes fall into it. That voice that says you can’t, or you’re not good enough or you’re not enough. Because, you are enough.

I’ve been reflecting on a quote from Virgil this week, it says… ‘They can because they believe they can.’ This quote is essentially saying it’s so easy to look around and see everyone else doing these life-changing amazing things and looking at yourself and thinking ‘why can’t I do something like that?’

YOU CAN. What separates you and them? Self belief. So, protect yourself from that self doubt. Talk to yourself positively. What you tell yourself, you begin to believe. So feed yourself with encouragement. Tell yourself it’s possible, that you can do this, that you got this girl/ guy lol.

Protect yourself from yourself, because no matter what’s going on around you, unless you believe in yourself, unless you believe in your worth, unless you know your value, unless you treat yourself with respect… Anyone else’s opinion of you ceases to have any effect.

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